Bright eyed and busy tailed

I can’t remember the last time I color blocked. I’m usually so busy with my pearls and bows that’s I forget to spice things up a bit. Today’s outfit was inspired by me not really wanting to do my hair. Sad but true, I had a navy scarf that I tied around my bun and realized that I couldn’t wear my Black and Tan ensemble that I planned out. I woke up super late this morning! I’ve been so busy lately. Okay so next I went for a Navy shirt with a black belt then that eventually led me to this bright yellow skirt and black heels to finish it all off. I also decided it would be a great day to wear my peacock feather earrings. I normally don’t wear make up to work but I threw some purple eyeshadow on just to brighten my eyes up a bit and not give me that dead zombie look.




Earrings Express
Shirt- I honestly can’t remember I have the same exact shirt in teal, it must have been on sale somewhere
Skirt- Charlotte Russe


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