Jungle Fever

Today was another gorgeous day, I was trying to be a little brave with my outfit choices as it is fashion week and all but I fell back to my comfort zone…. I need to stop doing that. I had a striped shirt with a red blazer some black skinnies and high heeled tennis shoes planned out, but you know the days when you put something together and it just doesn’t feel right that was it. So I reached up to my dress section and grabbed this little gal who I haven’t worn since college… three years ago. Luckily dresses are effortless, one piece easy to throw on all that’s left to do is accessorize. I felt my inner wild child with this print so I grabbed my favorite cheetah earrings and some rustic gold bangles and rawr insta jungle effect.



Dress- Banana Republic
Jewels- Body Central/Rue 21
Shoes- Target


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