Night-time Spritz


I have what I like to call shower syndrome. I would shower 5 times a day if I could. That feeling you get when you are all fresh and clean when you get out of a shower (it last for about 3 hours) is one of my favorite feelings ever… that and being snuggled.  Lately I’ve been into using bar soap, I have some on my vanity which I don’t use only for the scent (See Bathroom Room Tour-Paris Theme) but I had 4 boxes of that stuff so I opened one up one day and I loved it.

I fell in love with Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret all over again. I noticed the body gel in my perfume collection from my room and then found the body lotion. I use the perfume occasionally when going out and forgot that I bought a set. The scent of the body wash layered with the lotion is perfect for going to bed, it’s actually not strong at all and leaves a nice floral scent on your skin up until morning. I am usually not a big fan of perfumed washes, but I would have to say this is one of my favorites.

Don’t forget angels free shipping for VS ends today!


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