Dun Dun Dun the 8 Count Push-Up!

I don’t know about you guys but my arm’s just weren’t made to do push-ups. Just like when God made the T-Rex, when he made me he said nope, not impossible but it won’t be easy. After going through basic training you would think that I would be good at them by now but they actually hurt my arms no matter where I place them (close, wide, triangle). I have weak arms, I blame ballet, my legs are strong but my arms are use to just flowing around looking pretty, not pushing my body weight up. Alas being a lover of all things fitness, I know I need to try all types of workouts and sometimes lifting weights just doesn’t do it. For my PT test I can max with about 37 push-ups in two minutes, but I REALLY want to hit 50 in two minutes. So I should be upping my morning routine but I hate push-ups so much.


When I want to tone my arms and build a little muscle for me push-ups have always been the fastest way. I do about 20 regular push-up’s every morning but sometimes I need a little more. If you guys are looking for a way to mix up your workout routine or ease into push ups I highly recommend the 8 count push-up. Below is the patter sequence. If you need a visual I guess think about what burpee’s look like.

1. Standing
2. Squat down, put your hands on the floor
3. Jump your legs back so you are now in the plank position
4,5, Do two pushups
6. Return to plan position
7. Draw feet up to arms 8. Stand up

After about 10 reps of this you should be out of breath, if you aren’t just know that already the T-Rex and I envy you.


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