Purple Pants People Eater

I’ve had these pants for a while now, they never fit comfortably they were thrifted and they were one if those I hope this fits because I’m buying it regardless moments. Well none the less it didn’t fit but here I am a year later and they fit great. They are petites so I did have to loose a significant amount of weight for them to fit, I normally don’t recommend buying clothes that small but in my case I knew I was going to loose the weight and being able to wear these pants would just be the cherry on top. Trust me there is still nothing petite about my bottom half haha but I’m learning to love my body none the less.

Fashion is about feeling great in the clothes you are wearing no matter what size you are. If you feel uncomfortable fix it but remember confidence is key, fake it till you make it, then become it!


20130903-122916.jpg 20130903-122936.jpg


Necklace and bracelet- Rue21
Watch- gift
Blazer- rue21
Shoes- Charlotte Russe


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