Meal Plan #2

Time is now 11:23pm yikes! I have to be up for work at 7 tomorrow, but your health is important to me 😉 so here is a quick health spritz for you late night owls. Last week you may have read about my boiled chicken and vegetable recipe. This was my first time ever using a crock pot and I have to say I was very pleased with the results! I don’t know why I didn’t start using one earlier.

IMG_6385 IMG_6386 IMG_6389 IMG_6390 IMG_6391

This week is grilled tilapia and rice. With my meals I usually have a side salad, red potato or some mixed veggies.  This meal plan is to be substituted for one main course ( I will be eating this for lunch).

Tilapia- $9 (I grilled 4 fillets, there are 10 in the bag)
Rice-  $4.78
Vegetable Steamers- $3
*Spice- Lemon Herb

I baked the Tilapia in the oven for about 40 minutes at 450, I knew I wanted it a little crispy. Before I put it in the oven I put a little vegetable oil on the bottom and sprinkled some salt and pepper on both sides. Then I covered most of the fillet in Lemon Herb spice and it was easy as that!

IMG_6571 IMG_6572 IMG_6573

I then boiled some rice, put my vegetable steamers in the microwave and waited for my fish to come to a nice sizzle. This is the easiest way (for me) to ensure that I eat healthy for the week. It’s easy to grab something from the fridge that you already made. I had a little taste, and I can’t wait to have this for lunch tomorrow! It smelt so good I really wanted to fix myself a little portion but it was pretty late when I made this and I don’t enjoy eating after 7, it hurts my tummy :/ I did have a bite though, can you see where a chunk of fish is missing? Haha!

Stay fit, stay healthy!


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