Meal Plan #1

I got this idea from a co-worker last week. And I must admit it fits my busy life style quite well. I’m not a huge fan of grocery shopping, infact I’m the type who like to shop only once or twice a month. The problem with that is I either don’t get enough fruit and veggies in because I eat them right away or I don’t eat them at all.

She mentioned buying chicken by the pound and cooking it for the entire week, and so I did! Here is my healthy spritzer for you.

Grocery List for week 1:
Chicken (6-8 chicken breasts)
Lettuce and spinach
Green peppers, tomatoes, lemons
*favorite spice (mine is lemon and herb or garlic and rosemary)
*favorite salad dressing
12 yogurts
French Vanilla silk milk
Honey and oats cereal
**Vanilla whey (protein for you workout aholics)

Now there is a lot you can do with the list I created for you here.

Meal prep:
Breakfast options
oatmeal and fruit
Oatmeal and yogurt
Vanilla whey oatmeal shake-splash of milk

Snack options
Dry cereal
Veggies and salad dressing dip

Lunch options
Chicken and veggies
Boiled chicken
Chicken salad
*here is your chance to get creative!

Chicken fiesta!!

Sometimes I’m naughty and have cereal or oatmeal but if you are a person who gets sick of food easily I wouldn’t suggest this, but it’s a nice healthy eating plan that will run you about 30-40 dollars I already had some of the stuff that I starred.

Happy eating!


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