Let’s break this down

The Training Effect is an increase in your body’s ability to take on extra stress imposed by working out. This is very important for weight lifters as you learn to increase the amount of weights you use at a given time your body will adapt eventually allowing you to lift heavier weights, this is known as the training effect.

The bleh stuff:
Little do we know that our bodies begin to change at a cellular level. During the training effect our body is getting stronger it is preparing to learn how to release more energy with less oxygen. Our muscles, tendons and bones also begin to get stronger to accommodate this increase in activity. These little adaptations our body makes is crucial during excercise which is also why what we eat has such a huge impact on how we feel and how quickly our body releases unnecessary fat or why we sometimes feel that no matter how hard we word out the lbs. just don’t seem to budge.

Keep in mind that all our little movements are broken down internally we don’t always remember to think about what is happening under all the skin, bones and fat. It’s crazy to think that overall health and fitness starts with the smallest cell.


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