Supercharge your Saturday!

Nothing starts your weekend out better than spending a morning at the gym!

Spritzertip of the day: When feeling unmotivated simply put your workout clothes on and leave your workout shoes where you can see them. Even if you don’t feel like going right away eventually this simple little step will help you to mentally prepare yourself for your workout. This way you have no excuses because you are already dressed!

I went to bed pretty late last night and to be honest I was planning on sleeping in since I didn’t sleep well all week but once 7:30am rolled around I knew I had to wake up and get going! There were a few classes that I wanted to take this morning so I got up, got dressed, had some toast with peanut butter and headed on my way.

I didn’t feel like running today ( I ran four days this week for a total of 10 miles) so I did a Zumba class instead. After that class, to get my weights in I did a BodyPump class. It was a great change in my routine and left me feeling supercharged! I went with about 71/2 for the weights which was the perfect amount because when doing so many repetitions you don’t want to fatigued too early.

After a long week and a groggy morning nothing supercharges me more than an early workout, it leaves me motivated and full of energy for the rest of the day, which definitely beats rolling out of bed at 1.




Today was a cardio and arms day. See below for an alternative to my gym workout for those of you that don’t have a gym membership.

SAMBA– two more of these You-Tube dance routines will get your heart rate pumping and sizzle that waist line!

Arms: (use your own level of weights I like 5-10lbs for longer repetition sets) *1 rep=15
1 reps Bicep curls X3
1 reps Deadlift bicep curl at the top (three counts down squeeze glutes at the top)
1 reps Triceps press x 2 (if you don’t have a bench you can use your couch or find some stairs!)
3 reps Pushups (try to do your first set of regular pushups before dropping to your knees)
1 rep Drop squat overhead press (squat down while simultaneously brining the weights to your chest, while rising back up extend your arms up over your head.

Don’t forget to stretch before and after!


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