Night-time Wrap

I must admit my nighttime beauty routine isn’t as extensive as it should be. I brush my teeth wash my face apply my creams and head to bed. More often than not my hair goes in a pony-tail or a messy bun which usually leave me a not so fun mess to untangle in the morning. I’ve recently started wrapping my hair at night, it’s fast, it’s easy and delivers exceptional results the next day. All you need is a brush, a few bobby pins ( I use two) and a head piece of your choice, I use a silk cap, silk tie wrap, silk scarf and sometimes just a wide headband.

No, this is not just for ethnic hair. I recommend this to any type of hair, try tying your hair back with a bandana or a thick headband and see how flat that portion of your hair is in the morning. I use a silk cap that ties in a giant bow on the top. No need to go to bed looking all sorts of crazy. Not only does this cut down time in my morning routine it also saves my hair from potential heat damage. Win win!




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