DIY Faux Flower Picture Design

I came across this brilliant idea while perusing Pintrest one day. I have a lot of ideas pinned to my DIY Home Décor Board  <—— that you can follow here. My plan is to eventually… at some point in my lifetime re-make or re-create what I have pinned here.

-Faux Flowers
-Hot glue gun


I chose Metallic Taupe which I found at Wal-Mart for $9.88 and covered over an old Strawberry painting my friend gave me. I wasn’t planning on using them anymore and didn’t want to use one of my blank canvas’s because I like those for painting.


I bought about $5 dollars worth of fake flowers at the dollar store and popped off their heads!


Next I attempted to arranged the flowers in a pattern that I would like (this took the longest as I’m indecisive), I was going to go with a heart pattern but I knew I wouldn’t want to stare at a heart forever so I just went with a regular oblong design that I could easily morph into a heat by simply removing a few flowers.


Last step I hot glued the flowers on and let it dry for about 10 minutes before setting it upright. Voila!

faux flowers

Here is the “original” piece. I decided I liked the color scheme of the flowers I picked too much to spray-paint over them. However I do like this look for winter, just a few cranberries scatter on this table and it is transformed into a wonderful winter wonderland scene.  

I will be utilizing my other strawberry canvas soon. The best part about DIY creations is that you can always tweak them to make it your own. I also didn’t encase my frame in glass as my canvas is significantly smaller than this one, I didn’t want to cheapen the look by adding a plastic frame around it, but I do like the idea!



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