Aint Nobody Got Time For Fat!

I made a vow to myself that every time I run, unless I’m sick or EXTREMELY tired I will run at least two miles per workout. It’s a decent commitment seeing as I am not a huge running fan but I feel great after especially on the days I end up running 5.

Side Note: I’ve been actively running for about a year and a half now, I started running last February to get in shape before joining the National Guard. I was that girl who could barely run a mile even when tempted with pizza and wine at the end. I have always been an active person but dancing, and Zumba do not use nearly as much lung capacity as running.  I started out with about a 22 minute two-mile, after about a week that cut down  to 19.50 and eventually down to where I am today with a lovely 15.30. Of course that’s not all the time, I usually push myself really hard when PT test time rolls around (which is this October) and when I’m running in a large group of people.


Another important part of my workout routine is weights. It’s really helped to tone my arms, I use to worry about bulking up but a great personal trainer once told me that sticking to a certain amount of reps and watching my protein intake would get me right where I wanted to be. No more no less.


Running really is the best way to blast fat, and I love that now I can get that full workout feeling in an hour or less. When I’m not in the mood to run another great way to blast fat is by doing short sprints, 30/60’s really are my favorite. You sprint for 30 seconds and walk for 60. Once you get good at those try 60/120’s same concept. After my running and weight routine I try to follow that up with some abs, and light stretching. I’m constantly changing up my routine muscle confusion is really another great way rev up that workout.

Working out is a huge part of my life, I really enjoy it, so much so that I’m on my way to being a personal trainer. Expect to see more about how the body works and why what we put into our body is so important.

xo glitzysprinter

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